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We are in this together. One Smile at a time!



Julen Smiles, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was founded in 2019 whose mission is to provide products that increase the quality of life for children with special needs which they otherwise might not be able to obtain. Whenever possible, products donated by Julen Smiles are purchased from small businesses around the country which are owned and operated by parents of children with special needs. 

Inspired by Julen Gonzalez-Rua, a beautiful boy who was born with an unknown genetic syndrome, Julen Smiles was established after Julen’s mother found a need for access to child-tailored medical equipment and accessories that were not always available from traditional medical supply companies. 

Funds donated to Julen Smiles are used towards the purchase and distribution of medical equipment accessories for children with special needs.

“As small as it may seem, a good deed is always worth doing.”

Spark Matsunaga
U.S. Senator, Hawaii 1977 - 1990


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